Snow Goose Coming At You

When we were at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in NJ, we were looking for Snow Geese. We were glad to see huge numbers of Snow Geese there in multiple  locations. I waited for large groups taking off, but they seemed content to just make a lot of noise squawking away.

We did see a few small groups or single geese flying around and even coming right at us, like the featured image.

It was still fun to see large groups in the distance covering a large area, even though we missed the large takeoffs.

2 Comments on “Snow Goose Coming At You

  1. Thanks! There were hundreds, if not more, at the Edwin B.Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge spread out in numerous locations. Each location had huge amounts of Snow Geese. They were far out in the water, so even with a 400mm lens, a Pano of the group would be about 20 images. So they just looked like little white dots on a long pano. Only a few flew in here or there to get Closeups.

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