Screaming Tree Stump

We were taking a walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park to get some fresh air. It has been bitterly cold lately here in New Jersey so it was nice to able to get out and walk. It got to 50 degrees but had very strong winds. Much better than being in the minus numbers. I took a camera with me, just to see what I could find. I saw this tree stump and the little branch on it looked like an arm and the top looked like a mouth and an ear to the right. Or maybe I was just trying to find something to photograph and saw it this way. Anyway I thought it was an interesting subject.

Screaming Tree Stump DM 18 v7 silver efx_43G0835

“Feathered” Old Grayscale Version

Screaming Tree Stump DM 18 v7 daguerreotype_43G0835

“Older” Sepia Toned Version

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