Setting Sun Captiva Island, Florida

As I was walking back from the beach to our rental, I liked the colors in the sky and the backlit trees along the path. I had a 24-105mm zoom with me, but wanted a little wider view, so I did a two shot. I also positioned the starburst, from the setting sun to be somewhat centered for the final 2 shot pano. The trees on the left overlapped for quite a few trees, so I ended that side with the main single set. I liked the colors in the sky and waited till the sun was just starting to go below the distant tree line so it looked more dramatic, but was still above the horizon above the water to get the starburst.  I was using a Canon body with a cropped sensor so I did a 2 shot handheld overlapping panorama and assembled it in Photoshop. 24mm @ f/11.

Captiva sunset v1_MG_5445

Another view further down the path, single image. 

Captiva sunset dfine v1_MG_5472

View from the entrance of the path


4 Comments on “Setting Sun Captiva Island, Florida

  1. Thanks! It is fun to be back shooting again. Took a break from personal projects as we were downsizing our studio and moving equipment, printers, network cables and computers, etc.

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