I came upon this Tern as I was going along the Wildlife Drive at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Usually they fly off right away or they are busy diving into the water fishing for a meal. This one was content to just make some noise and flap it’s wings and pose for me. After a few shots I left it alone so it could go back to what it was doing and I could look for other photo subjects.

Tern_v2_brig_12_43G0823Tern v1_brig_12_43G0827

8 Comments on “Tern

  1. I see from your tags that a 400mm lens came in handy for these animated closeups. You’re fortunate the tern didn’t do you a bad turn by flying away.

    • Thanks! They usually do fly away when I am that close. I was leaning back in the car to get it in focus at the lens minimum focus distance.

      • Last week I got a 100–400mm lens that has a close-focusing distance of 1 meter from the camera’s sensor. I haven’t yet come across an animal I could try to get that close to.

      • Nice! A 100-400mm is a fun lens! You can add an extension tube to it to get even closer to flowers and other subjects. Plus it is small to carry, but comes in handy.

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