Blue Dasher Female Portrait

I found this female Blue Dasher in the yard. It was bouncing back and forth on the flowers. I stood watching for a few minutes and then it seemed to not fly off when I got closer. I guess it got used to me being there. I was using a 150mm macro lens with a 1.4x teleconverter so it allowed me to get pretty close. It is interesting that the female dragonflies are usually a different color scheme than the males. Sometimes makes it harder to ID.

Blue Dasher FM va yd_MG_9828

Blue Dasher Female yd v2_MG_9752Blue Dasher Female yd v1_MG_9715


6 Comments on “Blue Dasher Female Portrait

  1. Your patience paid off. I’ve noticed that if I scare off a dragonfly, sometimes I can stay there waiting, immobile, and it will come back. You’ve probably had that experience, too.

    • Yes, I know what you mean! Sometimes I think they are just showing pity on me and give in and let me photograph them! Other times I think they like seeing an “old” running around!

  2. These are wonderfully detailed shots, Reed. I find dragonfly eyes to be simply captivating. In many cases the adult males and females of a dragonfly species have different colors and even different patterns on their bodies and wings. In the case of juveniles, though, the males often have the colors of the adult females, so you have to look carefully at the terminal appendages to be sure of the gender.

  3. Thanks! Yes, I agree it to what you said. My main problem is I moved last year and even though it is only 60 some miles from where I was, I am finding different ones than I am used to seeing so I have to catch up on my ID’ing them! Plus my “old” eyes” are not helping! Love looking at your “dragons” also!

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