Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly

Closeup image of an Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly. It almost seems like it is smiling at you. It seems many of the dragonflies at this location are showing signs of “wear & tear” on their wings already. It seems early in the season for that. Usually you see this in late Summer. If you stay in an area for a while it seems like they get used to you and are not as skiddish or wary of you so you can get closer.

Blue Dasher v2 2img stk

Eastern Pondhawk at a distance. Three shot focus stacked image. 

2 Comments on “Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly

  1. Thanks! They are fun to watch darting around. The hardest part is to ID them. Young ones are sometimes a different color than mature ones, females are totally different than males. But that is what makes it fun, like an insect treasure hunt.

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