Eye Of The Sky

I liked this cloud formation we saw at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, in Cambridge, Maryland. I never saw one that sort of  looked like a “Porthole” or Doughnut and in such a large area. I tried a few different compositions, no foreground, foreground in vertical and horizontal formats. All were shot with a 17-40mm at 17mm.

Cloudscape v1 17mm_80I9479Cloudscape 17mm v1 BWR_80I9482

6 Comments on “Eye Of The Sky

  1. Really cool shots, Reed. My personal preference is the middle shot, which shows a sliver of the surroundings and gives the image a bit of context.

  2. Thanks Mike! I have a hard time deciding which ones I like while I am doing them. So I try different comps and different effects or techniques. Sometimes what you like while shooting is not what you like working on the files. But it is fun to see what you come up with. Love your Dragonfly shots, we have like interests!

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