Forest Tent Moth Caterpillar

While we were walking down the path at Plainsboro Preserve, I noticed a few of these colorful caterpillars. I had never seen one before, but thought it had a very colorful and interesting color scheme. The path was in the shade, and I was using a 300mm lens at f/4, ISO400, so I did not have enough depth of field to get it all in focus unless I raised my ISO or lowered my shutter speed, which was fairly low already being in the shade. So I concentrated on the head. Then I shot fairly straight to my subject caterpillar hoping to get more in focus.

Forest tent moth caterpillar_MG_8069Forest Tent Catepillar v3 1PP 5 17_MG_7978

2 Comments on “Forest Tent Moth Caterpillar

  1. I moved from Northern NJ to Central NJ, so these were new to me. Definitely more colorful than the usual Tent Caterpillars from up North!

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