Davidsons Mill Pond Panoramas

When we got up the other day,we noticed large cloud formations out the window. We went to a local park, Davidsons Mill Pond Park, to photograph the clouds. It was the closest open space to photograph the wide cloud formations. The featured image was a 3 shot panorama, shot at 15mm, handheld, with a m43 camera (~30mm in full frame DLSRs).

DM 4 sht pano clouds v1

The above photo is 4 images, 14mm, m43 camera (~28mm in full frame DSLRs) 2 across and 2 down. Assembled in CC Photoshop 2017. I was tempted to crop the top left cloud down to have a rectangular image, but I liked the height of the cloud on the left.

Pond w clouds v1DM 6 17_1410083

This was taken at the small pond near the parking lot. There is a very large pond off to the left, but trees blocked many of the cloud formations by the large pond. A single shot at 14mm with a m43 camera (~28mm in full frame DSLRs). I liked the reflections of the clouds in the small pond with the trees. For some reason it seems harder to do 14mm panoramas with the m43 format in Photoshop. They need a little manual tweaking. Where 12mm in a DSLR seems to line up automatically with hardly any tweaking.

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