Black Skimmer Fly By

The Black Skimmers were quite active on this day. It was very windy so the wind was blowing them all around. So they usually did not end up where they were trying to go. But it was fun to see them flying around the Refuge. This year is the most Skimmers I have seen at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, New Jersey.

Blk Skimmers TO v2 Brig 5_17_43G0867Blk Skmr TO Brig 5 17 v1_43G0863Blk Skimmers v3 Brig 5 17_43G2107Blk Skimmers v1 Brig 5 17 A_43G0885Black skimmers v1 Brig 5 17_43G0926

2 Comments on “Black Skimmer Fly By

  1. They are fun to watch! Especially if a small group is working an area. They just skim along and come back so you can get them coming and going.

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