Shorebirds Walking Along Shore

When we were at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, we were surprised that a few sections of the Wildlife Drive had open views of the shoreline. Usually along the shoreline is blocked by grasses and other vegetation making difficult to photograph shorebirds on the shore. They recently rebuilt the Wildlife Drive from the hurricane damage a few years ago. You are not permitted to go off the Wildlife Drive, except for a few trails, so it rare to be able to photograph a close shorebird at a little lower angle. I believe these are Dunlins, but I am not an expert on shorebirds. Many times they are very similar to another type. I usually photograph the larger subjects.

Dunlin v2 brig 5 17_43G1269

Dunlin v2_43G1208Sandpiper v2 Brig 5 17 _43G1217


4 Comments on “Shorebirds Walking Along Shore

  1. Wonderful shots, Reed. I wish I could help you with identification, but many of the shore birds are so similar that I have trouble figuring out which one is which.

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