Rain Drop Image Stacking

Over the Weekend we had multiple series of rain storms, some with heavy rain. It would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain again, multiple times over. I went out in the yard during a sunny session in between, to look for rain drops. I was using a Sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro but did not have a tripod at home. So I tried multiple series of images, for handheld image stacking.  Trying to be as steady as possible, I shot multiple series on a variety of groupings of water drops. These range from 3 image stacks up to 19 image stacks per image. Being hand held, it was hard to focus in a series of focus points without moving the frame somewhat. Actually, some I moved quite a bit. The newer versions of Photoshop CC seem to do a really great job of aligning and assembling images. And then filling some areas with content-aware fill to give a finished image. They would have been better if I used a tripod, but overall I am pleased with what I did get.

The Featured Image is a 10 shot handheld image stack.


Raindrop stk 1

7 image stack

Rain dropstack 3_10img

10 image stack

Raindrops stk_4_10img v2

10 image stack

Raindrops 5 8img_stk8

8 image stack

Raindrops stk 10a 7img

7 image stack

RainDrops stk_12_18img

18 image stack

Raindrops stk 14_3img

3 image stack

Raindrops stk 17 11img

11 image stack

RainDrops 19_img

19 image stack

Raindrops 21 3img

3 image stack

Raindrops_22b 3img

3 image stack

4 Comments on “Rain Drop Image Stacking

    • Thanks! Sometimes it is fun to see what is in your own yard and it also a challenge to make something interesting looking from something people just pass by.

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