Common Foxglove Panoramas

Some more panoramas from Longwood Gardens. These are a series taken with a Canon 300mm f/4 lens, handheld, at either f/4 or f/5.6 for smoother backgrounds. I chose to shoot panoramas because I wanted smoother backgrounds and if I backed up I would have more background detail and I tend to print very large and this gives me ample file sizes. Plus I did not want to carry a lot of gear with me. I like the challenge of panoramas or image-stacking and the more you do, the better the outcome will be. The featured image is a 3 shot panorama.

foxglove 3sht pano v5 LW

Foxglove – 3 shot vertical panorama – 300mm

Foxglove 8 sht pano_v5_LW

Foxglove – 8 shot panorama – 300mm

lw_43G9089 v1

Foxglove – 2 shot stack – 300mm


Foxglove – 3 img stack – 300mm


Foxglove – 2 image stack – 300mm

4 Comments on “Common Foxglove Panoramas

    • Thanks! After so many years photographing all kinds of subjects, I try to challenge myself and do things differently. Makes it more interesting! Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not!

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