64 Image Stacked Panorama

While I was photographing some of the Tulips at Longwood Gardens, Kathy asked me to photograph this wall area that kind of looked like a still life image. The problem was I was using a Canon 300mm f/4 lens. I like using this lens for flowers because it has extremely close focus for a 300mm lens and I do not need extension tubes, plus shooting wide open, or even f/5.6, I get cleaner looking soft backgrounds behind the main subject. I was traveling light concentrating on closeups of flowers and my other gear was in the car. So, up for the challenge, I decided to try an image stack. The problem was it was very crowded because it was the peak weekend for the tulips, so people were everywhere. I had to get close to avoid the people which increased the number of shots I needed. I did not know how many I had until I went to assemble it in Photoshop. I shot 64 shots, handheld, trying to overlap images in a series of rows. I did an overall adjustment in camera raw and then loaded all the images in a layered Photoshop file. Than I did an auto align and then merge which took over 2 hours to process. I was surprised how good it came out, just requiring minor touch up here and there. The final file in layers is about 3 gigs and when flattened is 85 inches x 75 inches at 300ppi.

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