2 Shot Weathered Feather Image

When walking, looking for photo subjects, I like to find detail subjects along the way. They are good for accent images or just something interesting to look at. They can add interest to the blog or for use in an ebook. Often I have a long lens on my camera for Birds and other Wildlife when I am walking in a Nature area. But when I find smaller detail subjects, I do not want to change lenses. I usually also do not carry 2 large camera bodies and I do not like the quality of the iPhone images. So if I have a second camera it is usually a m43 camera with a 14-140mm lens. Or like I did here on these 2 images. I shot multiple images handheld with a 300mm and combined them in Photoshop. The featured image was 2 shots and the one below was 3 images. These were from a walk at the Plainsboro Preserve in NJ.


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