Gull Pond Panorama

When I am shooting with a long lens, quite often I also carry a m43 Camera with a 14-140mm lens. It comes in handy for “grab” shots when the longer lens is too long, and is lighter to carry then 2 bigger cameras. With this lens I can go fairly wide to fairly long, 28mm to 280mm with close focus (35mm sort of equivalent) in a small light weight package. Also I do not like changing lenses on a windy day out in the field. This is a six shot (vertical framing) panorama, assembled in Photoshop.

Before we left the clouds really came in and “brightened up” the landscapes with more dimension. Just a plain blue or overcast sky is just boring.

Usually there are Gulls, Swans, a few Great Blue Herons or a variety of ducks, etc. here but it was a slow day for wildlife.

I have posted quite a few panoramas lately, but that was most of the opportunities I had on this visit.


3 image panorama, 17mm m43 camera


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