Brigantine Division Winter Landscape

This is a 7 shot handheld panorama from the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville NJ. The sun came out and the heavy cloud cover disappeared to give us a nice blue sky with fluffy clouds. Since there was not a lot of activity with birds closely, I switched to a 12-24mm lens, shooting a series of shots for a variety on panoramas. The featured image was shot at 12mm shooting out towards the North Pool. I am still getting use to Photoshop cc 2017 for panoramas. Sometimes it seems to do a few strange things to the images. I used to use CS6 Extended which also sometimes did strange things, but I was used to it!

The following are just a few more panoramas. There was not much action for birds, so I switched to landscapes. The clouds and sky were awesome for a while, so I shot quite a few assorted landscapes and panoramas.


3 overlapping vertical shots for a semi horizontal panorama @ 12mm


5 overlapping horizontal shots for a vertical panorama @12mm

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