Rain Drops @ ~2X

These were photographed after a light rain. I used a m43 Panasonic Camera body with an old manual focus 200mm f/4 Canon macro lens with a Canon FD to m43 adapter. With the small m43 sensor and the Canon macro at 1X, I got an approximate 2X magnification on these photos. I was moving in and out focusing, so that is why I say approx. 2X. I like this combination because I get a 400mm macro view with more depth of field by using the 200mm lens. The m43 systems are fun because it is easy to put almost any lens on it and get auto exposure. Just set the f /stop you want, which is handy in closeups for depth of field settings and the camera chooses the shutter speed. Plus I have the camera setup so I see the depth of field in real time in the viewfinder. I do not have to hit a preview button. Some larger leaf images are probably closer to 1X.


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