Black-crowned Night-heron with Feather

This was photographed at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division in Oceanville NJ. There is an 8 mile Wildlife Drive that gives you access to a large amount of the refuge for photography. At one of the bends before you go through a wooded area, there are a few trees grouped together out in a marshy area. Many times you can find a wide variety of birds in the trees, on different branches. You have to look closely because some are hidden, but if you watch they usually come out in the open at different times. This Black-crowned Night-heron had a nest on the back side, but came out in the open for a while giving me the opportunity for quite a few shots. It was busy preening and the feather floated down in the front.

2 Comments on “Black-crowned Night-heron with Feather

  1. Thanks! They are one of my favorite birds to photograph! Especially when they are cooperative and posing for me. I think it felt safe because there was an expanse if water between me and the Black-crown. I believe it had a nest on the other side of the tree.

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