Bald Eagle @ 1792mm

I switched over to a new iMac and was setting my Hard Drives. Going through some old external Hard Drives I found this Bald Eagle photo from 2011 taken at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. They have one of the largest amounts of Bald Eagles (in the Winter months) in the Northeast. But it such a large area with many areas you cannot get access to photograph. It was shot with a Sigma 300-800mm lens @ 800mm, with a 1.4X Teleconverter on an old Canon 20D and cropped in some.When you add the teleconverter and the 1.6X crop of the old 20D it comes out to 1792mm for the uncropped version. Surprised it looks this good. But it brings back memories.

2 Comments on “Bald Eagle @ 1792mm

  1. Thanks! The 300-800mm Sigma held it own in sharpness against the Canon & Nikon Super Tels back in the day. It was surprisingly sharp throughout the zoom range. It was not the quickest autofocus though, but you learned how to use it. But it did win in being the heaviest at 12 lbs, not counting gimbal head and big Gitzo tripod to support it. It was great when setup working an area like Ding Darling when there was a lot going on – near and far. When this was taken years ago, the 20D was new. Actually for some reason it seemed to work well with the 20D. It hated the 7D. Worked well on the MkIIs, MkIIIs, & MkIVs also. Just setting up a new iMac & going through old image folders and came across these.

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