Tubman Road Trail At Blackwater NWR

We had gone to the Tubman Road Trail while were at the refuge. It is a few miles down the road from the main Wildlife Drive. Most of the trails are along the Wildlife Drive or right outside the Refuge Headquarters. The Refuge is over 28,000 acres and has roads transversing through the refuge, but they frown on people stopping along those roads to view the wildlife. We had not been at the Tubman Road Trail for quite a few years and were surprised at how much the Loblolly Pines had grown. These were planted after a hurricane tore apart this area years ago and are part of the reforesting program. Some areas were almost like walking through a tunnel. This area has hiking trails and is home to smaller birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, etc. One of the goals was also to increase the habitat for the Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel (a fluffier cute steel-gray squirrel) that was disappearing in this area and was on the endangered list. (Main Image – 2 Image Panorama with Overlap)


Visitor Info Center & Lookout Platform by parking area


Path Through Loblolly Pines


Sweet Gum leaves


Walking Path Still Life


View along path – 2 image panorama



Dried Sweet Gum Leaves with Pine Needles along path (Wider view)



Dried Sweet Gum Leaves with Pine Needles along path (Closer).



Dried leaves with paw print along path (wide view)



Dried leaves with paw print along path (Close-up)



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