Blackwater Landscapes Along The Wildlife Drive

Usually we go to Blackwater NWR (Maryland) for photographing Eagles, Ospreys and other Birds & Wildlife. Or if we stay til dark, they have very colorful sunsets, being close to the coast. But lately I have been photographing more of the landscapes along the Wildlife Drive. Also gives some practice trying HDR techniques or Panoramas. The eagle population is still growing as many Eagles are returning to the Refuge for the Winter.  Next I have to try views along the trails. Usually when I am on the trails I have long lenses with me to capture birds in the trees. At this time of year the Ospreys have left and the Eagles are gaining numbers as many come down from Canada.

The featured image was a 5 shot panorama, over lapping images, shot at 24mm. The next image is a 6 image HDR bracketed panorama image assembled in Photoshop. 3 bracketed exposures for each of the 2 sections, combined in Photoshop. Still trying to get use to CC 2017 Photoshop, from my usual CS6 workflow.






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