Panoramas From The Celery Farm Natural Area

I went to one of the Nature Areas I used to go to frequently to see if there were any subjects to photograph. Usually at this time there are a number of different types of ducks. But this day there were mostly Mallards and way out in the distance were a pair of Dudy Ducks. Being bored, I thought, try some panoramas. So I tried shooting a few series of panoramas to try out assembling them in the new CC Photoshops I downloaded (CC2015.5 & CC2017). I have been a user of Photoshop since version 2 in 1991 and my CS6 version was getting outdated. I resented paying a monthly subscription for the CC version after paying Adobe for all the boxed suites and multiple versions my studio used, but finally had to subcome after all these years. All were images photographed with a 400mm f/4 DO lens on a Canon 1D MkIV. The featured 4 image pano was of 4 Mallards swimming by where I was setup. I had to shoot quickly as they were moving along. After some practice you can make panoramas of moving subjects, just needing a few Quick Masks to help in the blending.

Then I tried a 14 shot pano across the lake. The CC Photoshop versions, I feel did not work as well as the CS6 version. But it was tougher with the wind making different ripples in the water. The CC versions seem to distort & bow sections more than the CS6 Photoshop does.  This I shot with more overlapping than usually I do.  I could have worked on it more, but it was just a test and not all that interesting anyway. And I did get a gull in it off to the left that flew in as I was shooting the pano series.


My last series was a tree on the left side of the lake that had lost all its leaves by now, but there were leaves on trees higher and behind it. This one was 12 overlapping images and worked out much better. I was curious to see how much detail I would get in the branches and leaves.  This worked well in the CC Photoshops. After the pano was assembled, I tried using the Macphun Luminar photo editor to add some detail. I usually use the Nik suite of Filters, but so far my CC Photoshop versions do not play well with them. So when there are no photo subjects, it is a good time to try different techniques and ways to photograph your subjects. You never know when it will come in handy and get you the image when you might not have gotten it otherwise.



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