A Big Y In The Sky – Or A Large Thanksgiving Turkey Wishbone

When we got home Thanksgiving Eve, we saw this huge “Y” cloud in the sky. I never saw a cloud shaped like this before so I shot quite a few shots as it was moving by above me. I only had my iPhone with me, so I shot multiple shots and spent about 15-20 minutes shooting as it drifted overhead. As it got more directly over me, it was harder to get shots because even shooting multiple sections, with the wide angle of view on the iPhone, it was starting to distort the shape making it harder to combine into a multiple image panorama on the ends. I settled on using this series. I combined them as best I could from the series that I shot farther away. 5 horizontal images, overlapped and combined. I am learning combining iPhone images are a challenge because of the wide angle of view and the distortion differences between images. I tried shooting a panorama on the iPhone as it was overhead, but that really distorted the ends of the pano. Even the the problems this is one of my favorite cloud images!

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