Bird of Paradise

We went to Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square, Pennsylvania. They were having a Chrysanthemum Festival as the main event in the Conservatory. It was impressive, lots of images to go through, so it will take a while to go through them. I did adjust a few of my favorites, like this one – Bird of Paradise. Not a Chrysanthemum, but I could not resist starting with this one. A lot of my shots in the Conservatory I did with my iPhone with the ProCamera app, shooting in an auto HDR mode (High Dynamic Range) because of the contrasty light with blown out highlights and dark shadows. It worked quite well in this instance, plus I knew I was not going to make large prints of what I was shooting.

I tried a few different processing versions on the same file, trying to figure out which I liked best.

This one I darkened the shadows somewhat to make the  plant stand out more and the colors Pop.


And this one I added a layer of Silver Effect Pro and then lowered the opacity of that layer to just give a slight effect to the flower.


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