Blackwater NWR Landscape

While at Blackwater NWR, I wanted to try a few 12mm landscapes along the wooded area on the Wildlife Drive. I thought I would have more luck with the landscapes since it is in  November and some of the leaves would have fallen to let more sunlight in between the trees. In the summer or spring the leaves block so much light it is hard to get interesting images like this. Also the leaves on the ground, I think add an interesting texture to the foreground. This one is also 2 images stacked in Photoshop.

bwr-lndscp-v2-2916_mal9248Single 12mm image taken a little further down the Wildlife Drive.

landcspe-v3-bwr-drive_mal9309Two image stacked image taken around the bend from the previous stacked image. This is when you get more in the open along the Wildlife Drive. Also 12mm view stacked image.

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