Great Blue Heron 8 Shot Panorama

We went to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend to look for Bald Eagles. It was a quiet day at the Refuge. We saw a few eagles, most were far off, but managed to get a few good flight shots. But as we were driving on the Wildlife Drive I came upon this Great Blue Heron right off the drive in the water on a dyke. I was using a 400mm f/4 Do lens with a 1.4X Teleconverter, so I could not even get a full head shot. I did not want to change lenses because I thought it would fly off, so I shot a series of 8 handheld shots of different sections of the heron and assembled them in Photoshop. The final file was over 8 gigs with my edits. Not the greatest shot, but it was fun to put together.


3 Comments on “Great Blue Heron 8 Shot Panorama

  1. Thanks! When it is a slow photo day it is fun to try different ways to photograph your subjects. You never know when you will need to use different techniques to get a shot you really want to capture!

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