Cone Flower – Echinacea 7 Image Stacks

A few different views of the Echinacea. My favorite lenses for macro above 1X are either the Canon MPE-65mm (1X-5X) plus crop factors depending on the camera body I am using or a m4/3 camera body using an older Canon FD 200mm f/4 macro lens with a m4/3 adapter. This will get me up to 2X on a m/43 body. It is easier to use than the MPE-65 and will also focus to infinity. Plus it is like using a 400mm lens on a m43 body, but with the depth of field of a 200mm lens. Also being mirrorless, I see a bright image in the viewfinder with the sharpness of the f/ stop I am using. Also I can see if I need +/- exposure compensation right in the viewfinder. Somehow, I like looking at things Really Close up. Has a totally different look and feel to what you are photographing. Even everyday objects, such as a common feather or a leaf takes on a totally different look. Then if you use focus stacking, you can greatly increase the overall sharpness & depth of field of your subject. Certain subjects can be a challenge, such as a dandelion going to seed. Or a dragonfly that might move even a tiny bit.

Echinacea stk end_1370720 v3

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