Ring-billed Gull Stacked Teleconverter test

When it is a slow day finding subjects, sometimes I try different ways to photograph my subjects. This day was very quiet and the Ducks were really far out on the lake. Not to much was flying by and even the Canada Geese were gone. Quite often the wildlife is quite far out in the water or on the far shore. This Ring-billed Gull landed on a duck box giving me a subject.  It stayed for a while so I thought I would try stacking teleconverters. I used 1.4x and a 2x teleconverter on my 300mm f/4  lens. The 1.4x adds 1 stop. The 2x adds 2 more stops. So that combination brought me up to f/11 at 840mm and with a 1.3x crop body, 35mm equivalent is 1092mm. Being a photographer for so long, using teleconverters in the early days, I always used to add 1 or 2 stops when shooting with teleconverters. Now with teleconverters being much better I usually only add 1 stop, so I was shooting at f/16 with this combo. But using stacked teleconverters I probably should have added 2 stops to go to f/16. Even so it came out quite sharp. Good for static subjects.




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