Self Portrait in Stream Bubbles

When I was going over a little bridge at a local Nature Area I noticed the water running under the bridge had a very slight waterfall which was generating lots of bubbles. I tried a few exposures but I thought the water was moving too fast for the shutter speed I could use because of the low light down below the bridge. They were bouncing around wildly so I did not think I would get any decent images so I moved on. When I was looking at them they were better looking than I thought they would be. I was shooting at 1/30 & 1/40 sec @ f/5.6 depending on the amount of light bubbles going by. I noticed my reflection in some of the larger bubbles and thought they were interesting.


stream bubbles v1_43G4712

stream bubbles v1 self portrait v1_43G4720

stream bubbles v1_43G4729


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