Christmas Great Blue Heron

I went to our local Wildlife Refuge on Christmas morning to photograph some ducks that have been there. But I was surprised to see this Great Blue Heron that was close by. Sometimes one does stay over the winter, but there have not been any around for quite a while. This one kept going almost completely under the water and splashing around for probably 2o minutes. I have never seen them go that deep in the water. Where it was splashing around was not deep so if it were standing upright the entire body would be above the water. When it was really splashing around you could see the membrane that covers the eye. It was fun to watch and photograph.

_GBH CF 2015 v2 43G1627

GBH CF 2015 v_43G1502

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1499

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1500

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1501

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1503

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1511

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1694

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1695

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1696

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1698

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1701

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1789

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1790

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1791


GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1693

GBH CF 2015 v3_43G1496


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