Longwood Gardens Conservatory At Christmas Time

I enjoy going through the conservatory anytime of the year, but for Christmas it transforms into a colorful fun filled place to visit. It gets crowded, but in the morning it is easier to get photos before the crowds show up for the evening Christmas light displays. Usually I concentrate on plants in the different sections of the Conservatory. The Conservatory spans 195,668 square feet—or 4.5 acres and there are many areas from tropical to arid, to lush gardens and orchids. But at Christmas time all the areas are decorated for the season.

LG conserv v1 2015_43G7870

LG Conservatory_43G8002


LG conserv v2_43G7842 2

Conservatory xmas LG 2015_43G7834

conserv lg v1_43G7866

LG Conserv v1_43G8920

lg conserv v1_43G7898

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