Poinsettia Stamen Pistil

We went to Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA for their Christmas display with their 500,000 twinkle lights in their more than 1,000-acre outdoor wonderland. While we were waiting we spent the day in their Conservatory that was decorated everywhere for Christmas. Christmas trees everywhere, Poinsettias and other plants by the thousands decorating the whole Conservatory giving a colorful festive area to photograph. I started with a 24-105mm to capture the “feel” and colorful displays. Then switched to 150mm macro for textures, shapes and closeups. Then switched to a 17-40mm for the outdoor displays at night. This image was when I was concentrating on the closeups and thought the Poinsettia Stamens looked really interesting. Especially that close up. It was so crowded I was traveling light. Next time I will bring a Canon MPE 65mm 1-5X Macro or a 200mm macro for a m43 camera to get even closer. It was crowded there I was traveling light and did not want to be in the way.

_43G7949 v2 poinsettia


Conservatory at Night

_43G0233 v2



Sample of some of the lights at night.

3 Comments on “Poinsettia Stamen Pistil

    • i’m d’accord with you this Fotos are very good. i think it’s the goodest fotos of the world. i love the fleurs and plus tard i will do fleuriste at Paris.

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