Fall Sun Rising In Early Early Morning

The sun was rising as I was walking into The Celery Farm Natural Area in Northern New Jersey. I liked the rays coming through the main subject tree, but the sun was also backlighting the golden leaves in the trees behind my subject tree. The sun added texture and shape to the leaves on the ground, giving more dimension to the whole image. The tree’s cast shadow also leads your eye to the tree’s trunk.  I used f/16 to get more of the “starburst” from the rising sun plus adding more interest to the whole image. Shot with a m43 Camera, 14 – 140mm @ 14mm.

cf landscape_ v11350272

The image above of the same scene with a different composition, moving slightly to hide the sun, but it does not have the same “feel” as the first image.

The image below is a self “Shadow” portrait, turning around from the above series. I guess I was mimicking the tree! Not as interesting or as colorful, but had more leaves!

cf self portrait v1_1350265

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