Black-crowned Night-heron Preening

I saw this young Black-crowned Night-heron busy preening along the path at the Celery Farm Natural Area. It was busy for quite a while, so I captured quite a few poses. It was fun to get so many neck positions and head angles. I also liked the reddish eye against the green of the duck weed in the water. I then left him alone to carry on.BCNH v2 cf 2015_43G5379

BCNH v2 cf 2015_43G5376

BCNH v3 cf 2015_43G5383

BCNH v3 cf 2015_43G5386

BCNH v2 cf 2015_43G5387

BCNH v3 cf 2015_43G5389

BCNH v2 cf 2015_43G5397

BCNH v2 cf 2015_43G5396

BCNH v12cf 2015_43G5393

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