Brigantine Birdscape Panorama

Sometimes I like to shoot what I call a “Birdscape”. Basically a photo to show the birds in their environment and how they act together or with other birds. With some birds it is fun to see how they act in groups or with other types. It can also give you some interesting images. Here I am just showing stander behaviors. Sometimes it adds interest or helps show where you might look for them. Especially the Night Herons. The Featured Image is a 4 shot panorama, shot handheld, aligned and assembled in Photoshop. The rest are single shots showing a Great Egret working the shoreline for a meal, then giving up. But they show the bird in their surroundings.Great egret v2 Brig 2015_43G0424

Great Egret v2 Brig 2015_43G0975

Great Egret v3 Brig_43G0970 2

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