Great Egret Landing In Morning Sun

It was a slow morning at the Celery Farm Natural Area and then, with the early morning sun coming up, a Great Egret Flew in. I liked the reflections in the dark water, adding some interest to the usual Great Egret shots. Although the sun was coming from behind I exposed for the bright white wings and then opened up the shadows a little in Adobe Camera Raw. I like shooting Egrets with strong backlighting coming through the wings and interesting reflections in the water. These are from a series of about 30 to 40 images.


Great Egret v2 cf 2015_43G2057

Great Egret v3 cf 2015_43G2060

Great Egret v2 cf 2015_43G2061

Great Egret v3 cf 2015_43G2058

Great Egret v2 cf 2015_43G2080

Great Egret v2 cf 2015_43G2082

Great Egret v2 cf 2015_43G2083

Great Egret v2 cf 2015_43G2105

After Flying In the Great Egret was Successful and Caught a Small Fish. Maybe it was an appetizer.




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