Black-crowned Night-Heron Foraging for a Meal

It is fun to watch a Black-crowned Night-heron foraging for a meal along the shoreline. After coming out of cover from the thick grasses it was stalking the shoreline. Then stopped when it thought it found something. Then little by little they inch forward and freeze waiting for the moment to strike. In this sequence it was frozen for quite a few minutes and seemed like a statue before realizing, I guess, there was nothing there and then returned to its cover in the grasses. I was shooting all along this hoping to get an action shot of it getting its meal, but all I have is pretty much the same shot through the sequence before it returned to where it came out.

BCNH v2 brig 2015_MG_0373

BCNH v2 brig 2015_MG_0340

BCNH v2 Brig 2015_43G0843 2

BCNH v2 Brig 2015_43G0837

BCNH v2 Brig 2015_43G0820

BCNH v2 Brig 2015_43G0812 2

BCNH v3 Brig 2015_43G0783

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