Blue Dasher Dragonflies at The Celery Farm Natural Area

I had gone to the Celery Farm Natural Area to look for Dragonflies that were different from the ones at my pond.  But the best dragonfly subjects were still Blue Dashers! At least I got different looking backgrounds. Had fun photographing them on different plants and was able to get close.

Blue Dasher v5_MG_8674

Blue Dasher cf v2_MG_8695

Blue Dasher v2 cf_MG_8720

Blue Dasher v2 cf_MG_8721

blue dasher v1 cf 2015_MG_8886

blue dasher v1 cf_MG_8912

Blue Dasher cf v1 2015_MG_8946

Blue Dasher thru Grasses v2 cf 2015_MG_9050

Blue Dasher v2 cf 2015_MG_9085

Blue Dasher cf v1 2015_MG_9091

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