More Eastern Tiger Swallowtails – Different Location

I was at the Celery Farm Natural Area in northern NJ trying to find an Osprey, but no luck. Hardly any of the usual birds were around. A Black-crowned Night-heron fly by, but mostly Canada Geese in abundance. But the Swallowtails were busy in the bushes by one of the lookout towers. So more Swallowtail photos on a different bush.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v1_43G2432

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v1_43G2464

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v2 cf_43G2405

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v2_43G2432

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v3 cf_43G2405

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v3_43G2446


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v3_cf 43G2361

                                                And a blue dasher to add a different color to the group.

blue dasher v1 cf_43G2504

blue dasher v1 cf_43G2515


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