Small Details At Longwood Gardens

In Longwood Gardens Meadow Garden, looking for subjects to shoot, look even closer than the usual subjects. It is over 80 acres so it is a lot of territory to look for photo subjects. It is still early so there was not a lot of the usual wildflowers or usual photo subjects. So we were looking at grasses, branches, leaves, some wildflowers and interesting subjects. But then also look even closer for extremely small details that you might overlook as you are walking by. I saw this small blossom, but looking closer it had an interesting pattern on the extremely small petals.

Below are 2 wider views I shot before I noticed the detail in the blossom. I originally liked the small pop of color with the green. 

LWG Meadow Still Life_43G3221

Original First Shot


LWG Meadow Still Life full_43G3222

Wider View


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