Start Of The Day

When the Sun starts to rise, you see flocks of birds flying out into the sunrise to start the day, feeding and moving around the refuge. Some days you see Egrets fly out 1 by 1, or if you are lucky you might see large flocks of Egrets or Cormorants going out in waves. Even with a high ISO, you still get a slight movement blur because of the lack of light. But it adds to the sense of the darkness of early morning and the movement of the birds.

brig am flyout cormorants v1_43G7646

Cormorants crossing over before sunrise.

brig am flyout cormorants v2

Cormorant Flock flying out across the horizon.

brig am flyout v1_43G7594

Early Morning Fly-out, before the sun came up.

brig early am flyout v1_43G7573

Lone Egret heading out across the refuge before the sun came up.



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