Update – Bee Fly, Bombylius major

We found this bug on a window screen and thought it was interesting. We were not sure what kind it is, but I thought I should take some shots of it. We finally found out what it is, a Bee Fly, Bombylius major. These are shot at approximately 2X magnification. It almost looked a little “mean” and had a “cool” fuzzy look for some macro shots. It has the body of a bee and a face of a mosquito. 

Some comments I found online:

“A curious flying insect which was about 10mm long, hairy, beige/brown coloured, triangular in shape with a long snout which had the ability of flying backwards.”

“Approx. 1 cm long, wing span twice body length, mix of light brown and black, teardrop shaped, hovers and darts at leaves and dead twigs, long spear-like proboscis approx half body length apparently non retractable.”

“If I was to describe it compared to other animals it was a cross between a bee, a golden mole and a narwhal – but that sounds really silly.”.



bug macro v1_MG_6436

bug macro v1_MG_6441


macro bug v1_MG_6452

macro bug v1_MG_6456

macro bug v2_MG_6433

macro bug v3_MG_6422

macro bug_MG_6462

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