Mute Swan Fly-In

I went to the local Nature Preserve this morning hoping to see an Osprey and maybe a few different ducks. Saw an Osprey across the lake but it flew off into the distance. A Great Egret flew in and landed on a close pile of sticks in the water and I was concentrating on the Egret when suddenly 6 Mute Swans flew in & did a close Fly By then landed on the far side of the lake. Mute Swans are one of my favorites. Their wingbeats sound cool as they fly by, especially when there are six of them. Plus they are a Large subject to photograph!  I could not get all six in the frame, but it was still fun to see them. 

mute swans v2 cf_43G0886

mute swans v2 cf_43G0885

mute swans v2 cf_43G0884

mute swans v2 cf_43G0882

mute swans v2 cf_43G0871

mute swans v1 cf_43G0883

mute swans cf v2_43G0873


mute swans cf v2_43G0877

mute swans v1 cf_43G0878

mute swans v2 cf_43G0908

mute swans v2 cf_43G0933

mute swans v1 cf_43G0921


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