Maple Sap-Icicle Panorama

One of our Maple trees had a long icicle from the Maple Sap dripping down in the cold weather. After a few days it got really quite long. I shot a few shots because I had never seen it do that before. Then I tried a hand held 12 exposure panorama to see if it would work, as I was shooting slightly up at it. I combined them in Photoshop but it did not quite get it exact, so I had to manually blend and touch up a little. For the final shot of the tip I tried to get a drop of dripping sap dropping off, but on such a long image it did not stand out as I had hoped. The Sap Icicle was about 3 ft long.

sap sicle yard v1_43G6602

sap sicle yard_v2 43G6315

sap sicle yard v3_43G6323

Side Image of Maple Icicle showing location on tree.



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