Sleeping Immature Black-Crowned Night-Herons

We were surprised to find 2 Immature Black-crowned Night-herons sleeping in the grasses at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. They were close together in the grasses along the Wildlife Drive. Usually they would be long gone by this time. I have never seen them at the end of December in New Jersey. Even though they were sleeping, they opened their eye to see if I was a threat, then closed them again. Fun to see them there at this late date.

bcnh im brig v2_43G4923

Immature BCNH brig v2_43G4911


4 Comments on “Sleeping Immature Black-Crowned Night-Herons

    • Thanks! They kept opening an eye to check me out in the beginning. After a few minutes they did not bother, so I guess they thought I was not a threat.

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