Mute Swan Take-Off

Mute Swans are a large heavy bird, so it takes a while for them to take-off. I was going through files from the archives and thought this was interesting. I usually see them from a side view taking off. So when this one took off heading towards me, it was a great different view. The splashing, feet flapping and the distance it took to get into the air was amazing. Then it made a pass in front of me with the wings making that cool whooshing sound. I liked the early morning light backlighting the wings!

mute swan flying cf_MG_1575

5 Comments on “Mute Swan Take-Off

  1. How fantastic! I have only seen a swan flying once, and it was one of the most wonderful and surreal things I have ever seen. I heard it first – I thought it sounded like some sort of flying bicycle – so I looked up, and there was this enormous beautiful creature! Well done for getting such great photos!

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