Ice Patterns with Leaves

In the Northeast, the weather is getting colder, preparing you for winter. A lot of the usual larger birds are moving on, leaving Canada Geese, gulls and a variety of ducks. So it is time to shoot ice. Either the ice patterns or with leaves getting frozen in the ice. I really liked Montucky’s Montana Blog. Ice bubbles – Ice galaxies in one of his recent blogs. So I went out to one of our close Nature Areas to shoot ice. There were not too many ice bubbles and the few I found did not have nice clear ice around them. Probably from the wind as it was freezing. It has been very cold lately, until today which got up in the 50’s, so the ice was starting to melt. I found a few ice subjects, but not what I was hoping for. But it did give me some practice working my ice subjects.

All images- Canon 7D, Canon 70-300mm DO lens.

cf ice patterns v1 hp_MG_4500


cf ice patterns v2 nik_MG_4392

cf ice patterns v2_MG_4355

cf ice patterns v3_MG_4384 hp

cf ice patterns v3_MG_4546

cf ice v3 hp_MG_4327

cf leaves ice v2_MG_4553 hp

ice bubbles cf_MG_4286 v3 ntp

2 Comments on “Ice Patterns with Leaves

  1. Thanks! Your post inspired me to look for Ice Bubbles, but the frozen water did not cooperate this time. I have shot them many times in previous years, but got away from shooting them lately.

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