Cormorant’s Disappointing Meal

I was at the Celery Farm this morning and a Cormorant was working the area for a meal. He kept diving and then coming up with nothing. He was fairly far out when he dove down to try again. Right after he dove a Gull landed nearby. When he surfaced with a large fish, it was right under the Gull. The startled Cormorant dropped his fish and then went after the gull. It happened so quickly I did not get a sharp shot. Then both went on their separate ways. The cormorant came closer as he was diving and fishing. Closeup, he surfaced with his new meal. Unfortunately it was a leaf.

cf corm gull fish_43G2090 v5

Cormorant surfacing and dropping fish



Cormorant’s Tasty Meal



2 Comments on “Cormorant’s Disappointing Meal

    • It was interesting to watch this Cormorant! You think most of them are wonderful at catching fish! But this one was struggling! But it did seem very proud swimming around with the leaf! Other times they catch a huge fish and really struggle to get it down.

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