Mr Cormorant Has A Bad Day

I was at the Celery Farm Natural Area this morning expecting a usual slow day. But to my surprise there was a lot going on. Some activity close, some far away, but still was fun to see. We have not had many Cormorants in the last couple of years but there were 2 there. It was early morning and the Cormorant was in the dark shadows from the trees. It was fishing close by and then took off making a few laps around the small lake. The usual places they used to roost on the lake have disappeared and it ended up landing in a tree right above the observation platform we were at. After a while it took off to go fishing again. I was watching as he was far out on the lake. After a while I did not see him fishing anymore but went on to photographing Great Egrets. Then we noticed a strange sight of something going through the water and could not tell what it was. As it got closer we saw it was a Snapping Turtle dragging the body of the Cormorant by the throat. Usually we see the Cormorants catching and eating fish. Not being the meal themselves. It was a sad end to a good day of photographing wildlife. But I guess it demonstrates the life cycle in the wild.

_43G9697 cf cormorant v3

_43G9740 CF Cormorant v2

_43G9837 cf cormorant v2

_43G0671-4 CF Corm snap v3

_43G0676 cf corm snap v3

_43G0677 cf Corm Snap v2

_43G0682 cf corm snap v4

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